The Reserves returned to action in the Birmingham Saturday Vase to face Knowle first team, weeks after victory over their Reserves side.



The visitors took the lead very early on, converting a wonderful free kick in the 3rd minute. Shortly after, Knowle made it 2-0 in the 28th minute, with the Reds still looking to get started and adjust to the physicality of Knowle.



The Reds finally grew into the game, and got a goal back when Karl Walford scored from close range to swing the momentum to the Reds, who ended the first half on top, and went into half time looking to build on their improved performance.


The second half began with the Reds remaining on top and probing to find the equaliser. Knowle however, remained solid, using their experience and physical advantage to stay in the lead.



Despite some promising opportunities to level the game, the Reds were unable to grab their second goal, with the match ending 2-1 to the visitors.



A much improved performance from last weeks showing, with the Reds showing great mentality to match the physicality and experience of the Knowle side. They can be proud of their performance, and will hope to carry their excellent performance into next weeks fixture vs Nuneaton Griff Reserves.



Walford with his 1st goal for the Reserves


Jordan Ganderton